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BPortal is a top provider of varieties of computer-based services, ranging from websites, software development, pprogramming classes, and other professional IT services.

We have a clear understanding of the development requirements, skills and experience to successfully build a user friendly, secured and reliable school management application.

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Scripting Language

Our system is built in PHP. Approximatiely 70% of our backend functions are done in core PHP.


We also embed python programming language in most of our attached file and data-analysis application.

Client Side

JAVA/Javascript {JS} are also included in our appiation, enhancing the anumation and performance of the system


The wonderful frontend is design with HTML, Bootstrap 4, CSS4 and are made responsive.


Mount Pleasant
Nubi Schhols
Kingdom of God Schools
Cuddly Kids



Techonology will not take over teaching however evolve around its path.

Brownhill U.